Hi travelbuddies,

After a long time, and thousands of Emails, direct messages and comments I can finally announce that my presets are online and for sale! Each filter is a good base for every photo, from there you can apply your personal touches and make your photos unique. I hope you enjoy them and that they will help improve your feed.

Have fun!


What are Lightroom presets?
Lightroom presets are filters you can use to easily make your pictures look better for e.g., Instagram or Pintrest. They are a lot more advanced and help you achieve unique and better results than filters that are available and standard. I my case, the Lightroom presets I sell to you guys online, are the ones I use to edit my images and can be used to achieve unique looks 🙂

On what images do your presets work?
In general, my presets work on all kinds of photos. However, certain presets are better for certain types of locations. Each filter is a good base for your photos. From there you can apply your personal touches and make your photos unique. Please keep in mind that every filter works differently on every photo because of different light or color settings.

Can I refund my downloaded products?
It is a digital product that you buy, it is industry standard that I unfortunately cannot provide refunds for any reason. Thus, please make sure that you have Adobe Lightroom Classic/ CC and that the version of your software is compatible with my presets before proceeding with the purchase. I am excited to see your pictures edited with my presets 🙂

What are mobile presets?
Mobile presets are generally just like standard Lightroom presets that can be used on a desktop, however these are great if you want to adjust pictures on the go … and we all know we also do that often 🙂

How to I use Lightroom presets on my mobile phone?

1. Download Lightroom CC for your mobile phone

2. Download Winzip for you mobile phone

3. Download the preset pack to your desktop PC

4. Airdrop/ send the zipped preset back to your mobile device and open it with “Winzip”

5. Unzip the DNG files (these are for mobile) and press on “save image”. You will have to do this step for every preset (all dng files).

6. In Lightroom, create a new Folder called, e.g. my new presets

7. In this folder, add the previously saved image from your camera roll

Now you can easily apply the presets by:

8. Selecting the imported image and pressing “copy settings”

9. Now, by selecting the to be edited image and simply clicking “paste settings” you can apply the preset … voila 🙂